Our Watkins Academy dancers travelled to Adelaide last week to compete in the 2012 AUSTRALIAN IRISH DANCING CHAMPIONSHIPS. It was a wonderful (but exhausting!) week of Irish dancing with our dancers pocketing some fabulous results.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS must go to Emily Convery, Catherine Keys, Braden Craven-Griffiths and Patrick Watt for winning the Senior 4-Hand Mixed Own Choreography Championship! The team danced brilliantly and the judges even requested they perform again after results were announced so they could sit back and enjoy the dance without having to score them!

CONGRATULATIONS also to Tyler Watkins and Aishia Xavier on being Runner-Up National Champions in the Under 16 Girls Reels in Couples Championship. The girls performed beautifully.

All of our dancers performed brilliantly across both solos and team events and we could not have been prouder of their efforts. With many of the dancers travelling to the World Championships inBelfast earlier this year, it has been a long 2012 season, with many missing the traditional Summer break from training. These dancers have remained committed throughout despite their tired legs, uncompromising blisters, nagging injuries and pressures from studies and work to notch up some well-deserved placings at these recent Nationals.

Special congratulations must go to our dancers who placed in the Top 10 in solos. Finishing in the Top 10 is an enormous achievement given the extremely high standard at Nationals and these dancers should be recognised for the exceptional results they achieved. Well done Patrick Watt (4th place), Tyler Watkins (6th place) and Laura Bittner (7th place)!

Special mention has to go to our youngest competitor Alice Keys who handled the pressure of a Nationals with the maturity of someone much older and more experienced. Alice’s no-nonsense, focused approach to her dancing is a credit to her and, if she continues with this attitude, we see much success coming her way in the future.

All of our wonderful Nationals results are below:


 Patrick Watt – 4th (Senior Boys 16Yrs)

Tyler Watkins – 6th (Senior Girls 15Yrs)

Laura Bittner – 7th (Ladies 19Yrs)

Brianna Rafferty – 12th (Junior Girls 12Yrs)

Claudia Sandstrom – 13th (Junior Girls 11Yrs)

Megan Bittner14th (Senior Girls 16Yrs)

Catherine Keys17th (Senior Girls 16Yrs)

Aishia Xavier – 19th (Intermediate Girls 13Yrs)

Bianca Ziegenfuss – 37th (Intermediate Girls 13Yrs)

Braden Craven-Griffiths – Championship Award (Senior Boys 16Yrs)


 Emily Convery, Catherine Keys, Braden Craven-Griffiths, Patrick Watt1st (Senior Mixed 4-Hand OC)

Tyler Watkins & Aishia Xavier – 2nd (U16 Girls Reels In Couples)

Laura Bittner, Tyler Watkins, Patrick Watt, Braden Craven-Griffiths – 6th (Open Age Mixed 4-Hand Ceili)

Emily Convery. Patrick Watt, Tyler Watkins, Laura Bittner, Catherine Keys, Braden Craven-Griffiths, Aishia Xavier, Megan Bittner – 6th (Open Age Mixed 8-Hand Ceili)

Many thanks to all the dancers and parents for their support in attending classes, extra workshops and training sessions and for supporting their children in their dancing dreams. These results can only be achieved if everyone stands strong & united together and focuses on the one goal. And most important “pats-on-the-back” to our dancers for showing such heart-warming team spirit and friendship at all times. Your genuine support of one another, your good sportsmanship with rival competitors and your positive outlooks in general are to be commended!

Congratulations Wallies on a wonderful week!


Sheryl, Lorin & David – “VERY PROUD TEACHERS”


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